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What appeals to me most: projects for unexpected clients, or projects I could not have imagined beforehand. I want more of these!

Ranald MacDonald Award


Design for a trophy for the Ranald MacDonald prize, awarded annually to a first work by a writer or artist, which is good, true and beautiful and which advances our insight into relations between Asia, Europe and North America. The award consists of a sum of money and this trophy, which I designed and which was produced in small numbers by the Open Design Centrum. It consists of a certificate (a small round piece of paper with text), a medal (a small globe of European walnut with metal dots on it that specify important places in Ranald MacDonald’s life), and a box of Asian ebony and a lid of American maple wood. Award winners include Zia Haider Rahman, Bruno Maçães and Frederik L. Schodt. 


Reproduction of the Warka vase 


Made of roofmate (foam) and paint, commissioned by Teleac. This 5000-year-old alabaster vase, about one meter high, marks the beginning of our current culture. The reliefs on the vase show the transition from a polytheistic to a monotheistic society.


In a scientific lecture broadcasted on television, Prof. Dr. Wiggerman lectures about this revolution. For this programme I have reproduced the vase in full size.


Panorama Schiedam 


A 32 meter wide background illustration, for a theatrical representation of the history of Schiedam, with museum pieces, props, light, sound and more, designed by theater designers Marloes & Wikke, for Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Drawn with the vector pens in Adobe Fresco, and assembled in Illustrator. 


3D Calendar


Concept development, design and production supervision of a three-dimensional, wooden calendar, for a promotional gift (edition 200).


Sound-absorbing wall


Design and implementation of a sound-absorbing wall in an urban design office. I cut out the map of a part of Manhattan from 5 cm thick acoustic foam. As a result, the reverberation in the room has decreased enormously. Made for Urhahn | urban design & strategy.


Tombstone design


Design for the tombstone of my mother, artist Cornelia Vrolijk. The crows are distilled from her own drawings of her favourite animal. The stone is hand-carved from Belgian blue stone, by Willy Pladdet, in a special and artisanal technique.

Board game design

Design of a game (game board, figures and game rules) for a staff party of a housing association. The employees (from cleaner to director) were allowed to figure out in game form how the distribution of housing (varying from exclusive to affordable) would be in a new neighbourhood. The findings were used to improve the design for the neighbourhood. Made employed by Urhahn | urban design & strategy for Stadgenoot.



Design and construction of a sliding box for twelve special photos, for a private client. Made from a combination of solid ebony and maple veneer. The construction and mechanism are not visible from the outside.

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