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Apart from time, I am also fascinated by place. I love wandering through maps and town plans.  On behalf of Urhahn | urban design & strategy I deal with planning maps on a daily basis.  For other clients, as well as for my private work, I love working with and on maps.


Plan map for Oostenburg Amsterdam, drawn for Urhahn | urban design & strategy. The map was used for brochures, scaffolding, etc. A simplified version of this plan map, in which I drew existing buildings in 3D, was used for local newspapers, billboards, etc.


World map

A world map (1 x 3 meters, in relief with pasty acrylic paint on foam) commissioned by the Rotterdam student association Hermes, in the style of a painting by Sasja Hagens that they had previously purchased for their boardroom. The map was intended to be able to pin flags of the current locations of all (former) members.

Icon map


A map with an icon representing each of all projects and excursions of one of the partners of Urhahn | urban design & strategy, as a goodbye present, when he chose to continue in another direction after 20+ years.


In the footsteps of Ranald MacDonald

A fold-out business card itinerary for a trip to North America and Japan, following in the footsteps of a historical person.

European version of Authagraph

I made a European (Dutch and English) version (plus explanation) of AuthaGraph, a beautiful and innovative world map by Japanese architect Hajime Narukawa. AuthaGraph shows all the land and water of the world in a rectangle, while the areas and mutual relationships and distances between the continents and oceans are optimal. 450 years after Mercator, whose map still forms the basis for most school materials, finally there is a map showing that Greenland fits in Africa 14 times, and not the other way around. A single print of the translated map ended up at the Alan Turingschool in Amsterdam, but unfortunately, I haven’t managed to find a publisher for a European or Dutch edition of the map. Interested in publishing this map? Please contact me and together with the author we will look at the possibilities. This map deserves a much broader public!

EDE - Toekomstverkenningen - conceptkaar

Conceptual maps

Three explorations of the future for the municipality of Ede, as a prelude to the ‘Omgevingsvisie’ (a Dutch planning policy document). The maps had to show an abstract representation of three very different scenarios, showing what will happen if Ede continues with the current policy, or makes a powerful choice to focus on the contrast between city and landscape in the future. Made employed by Urhahn | urban design & strategy.

Various plan maps

Various concept and plan maps that I made employed by Urhahn | urban design & strategy


See more of this little wooden globe here:

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