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Timelines & research

What has always captivated me is the place in time at which events occur and their relation to each other. I started the Timeline of natural and cultural curiosities in 2020. But I am equally very much fascinated by doing research into family histories (genealogical research, structuring and visualising personal stories), and in particular their representation in time.  

Timeline for 300m construction site fence 


Research and design of a timeline about the history of the railway in Amsterdam and the local history of the neighborhood for a construction fence on the Dijksgracht railway embankment, for ProRail


Timeline of Oostenburg 


Research and design of a timeline of the developments in the new built neighbourhood Oostenburg Amsterdam, for the meeting room in the project office of housing association Stadgenoot


Timeline of projects 

Timeline of projects (delivered products), employees and specials of Urhahn | urban design & strategy. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the agency, printed on a few meters long canvas for the reunion with all former employees.


Digital archive 


Research and technical implementation of a digital archive of the artistic legacy of artist Cornelia Vrolijk (my mother). A search for her work, dating, technical details per work, anecdotes, property, etc. The archive is accessible and made visible in a self-designed and built website,


Proces maps & planning overviews


Part of my daily work as a designer at Urhahn | urban design & strategy: planning overviews, step-by-step plans and participation plans.

Timeline of the cultural heritage in Oaxaca 


Timeline of the cultural heritage in Oaxaca (Mexico), made as a poster for a workshop with city makers, politicians and students for plans for the future of Oaxaca. Made in the service of Urhahn | urban design & strategy, for the municipality of Oaxaca.


Research into the history of playgrounds in Amsterdam  


Research into the history of playgrounds in Amsterdam, as an intermezzo in Urhahn's publication ‘The Active City’. A treasure hunt in the image data base of Amsterdam and various publications about playing outside. I also designed this book.


Timeline 10 years of Oostenburg  


Timeline showing 10 years of process and development of the transformation of area of employment into a mixed use neighbourhood in Oostenburg in Amsterdam. Parties involved, users, owners, plans and designs. Made employed by Urhahn | urban design & strategy, for the benefit of a promotional gift.


Family tree research  


Family tree research (own family tree and also several family trees for others). Usually in a family tree software programme, but here trying to visualize it in time. Five generations and what time they have shared.

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